Déjà Who // Hear Me

by Approaching the Unreal

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Hear Me
Engineer: Kevin Nordstrom
Deja Who:
Recorded and Mastered at New Albany Production House.
Engineer: Richie Ray


released January 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Approaching the Unreal Louisville, Kentucky

I think I've gone too far.

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Track Name: Déjà Who?
You tell me wake up,
Oh, but I don't think I can.
I'd like to shape up and I hope to understand...
But ohhh...
This heat and this passion;
I can't make it a habit.
I can't have you near me,
Though you're never close to hear me...
If you could see me, oh I wonder what you'd think?
Have you grown weary of the kind of life you lead?
Oh... I just want you to listen...
It's not you that I'm missing.
No, it's just a feeling...
It's happened once it's mearly...
Déjà vu
Deja vu
I finally wake up with the earth below my feet.
In just the place and time where my heart as thoughts could meet.
Oh, is this all there is to it?
Why should I go through it?
If not just to suffer,
A lonely boy,
A lover...?
So when you see me, I hope you've figured out;
I'm the kind of man that you can live without.
Now you're starting to hear me!
What's that sound? It's just envy!
Envy for a lifetime.
You can't believe your eyes...
Deja vu
Deja vu
May be it tragic,
I aim to be magic
You can see right through!
Deja vu.
So if you wanna dance with me, I think it would be wise you'll see...
That every breath you take in my vicinity...
Will make you jump for joy!
But leave you weeping for a boy...
Ill leave you with a picture;
A lifeless, mental suture...
Track Name: Hear Me
If love were the answer,
Would I still feel pain?
This cold common cancer's abate?
If love were the answer,
Then why must it fester;
To leave this sad world once again...?
If time were the answer,
I'd shut out that face...
That prime, stern example, a way...
If time were the answer,
A warm merry dancer,
Then why must we move all but strange...?
Some fate, as a jester,
I'm stuck in my place;
To shine out tomorrow's today.
Some fate, as a jester,
Proclaiming with laughter,
"My hearts just to broken to stay..."
If love were the answer,
Should I still feel pain?
And try not to mentor my fate?
If love were the answer,
I'd been so much better!
Better, I'd just go insane!
Hear me...
Hear me...
Hear me...
Hear me...
If love is the answer,
Why should I feel pain!?
This life of disaster and shame!
If love is the answer,
Then why, I must ask her,
Aren't we all one in the same?
Aren't we all one in the same?
Aren't we all one in the same...?